Our Services

PFM Services

We follow client-centric approach and provide comprehensive requirement-based services to government organizations while drawing on our vast pool of experience & expertise, ensuring unflinching commitment to highest possible standards of quality and intellect. We offer long-term and sustainable solutions for under-performing institutions with the ultimate goal of substantial increase in efficiency within allocated time and resources. We focus on holistic perspective and bring along the wider picture for stakeholder’s decision making. We believe in sustainable solutions which are feasible in the given resources. Our cross-cutting knowledge and expertise in public sector management and reform enable us to provide following broad range of services, which are relevant to the assignment:
Risk Advisory Services

Our team of experts has specialized skills in risk-based auditing, identification of gaps & loopholes, scrutiny of command & control structures of the departments, evaluation of selection criteria for audit, designing of audit procedures, methodologies & manuals and offering solutions aimed at ensuring transparency, fairness, accountability, accuracy, reliability & efficiency in departmental working, filling up of loopholes and maximum compliance of law, rules and requirements of the regulatory regime. We have varied experience in providing risk-based auditing services that include Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Auditing. We aim at recommending the controls in response to the assessed risks that an entity is exposed to. This covers the entity level control features and the procedural aspects as well. By providing these services we help organizations revamp old and outdated procedures, adopt smart methodologies including IT solutions to flag suspicious & high-risk transactions with minimum human intervention, introduce systems of check & balance and avoid conflict of interest through the division of labour.

Public Financial Management Advisory Services for Improved Service Delivery

Our PFM advisory services include a vast range of management solutions – letting our clients benefit from our insight and expertise in the area of PFM. Our expertise includes devising conditional grants model, conducting PFM strategic review for public sectors, providing inputs for national and sub-national sector strategies, conducting cost and benefit analysis of donor interventions, conducting Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys, and formulating assessment frameworks of financial management performance.

Restructuring and Standard Operating Procedures

We help, aid, counsel and advise in the creation of new organizations, departments, directorates, wings, dedicated & result -orient complaint management cells, specialized task forces and public financed or donor-funded project steering committees/management units. We also offer practical, modern and cost-effective solutions towards restructuring and re-engineering of departments while revamping the physical, legal and operational work-environment, giving the organizations a head-start in operational capability and efficiency.
We frame rules, draft laws, create operational manuals and devise standard operating procedures to facilitate organizational operations, smooth hierarchy, clear reporting lines, defined and structured roles & responsibilities, avoidance of unnecessary litigation, time-saving, strict accountability, performance management, enhanced efficiency and ultimate achievement of public and employee satisfaction.

PEFA and Fiduciary Risk Assessments and Safeguards Advisory

We undertake PEFA and donor-specific Fiduciary Risk Assessments. We aim to serve as a platform for dialogue among the donors and the government to develop a combined strategy. We review PFM arrangements, risks and mitigating measures and propose PFM framework relevant to the specific requirements. With assessments, we drill-down to the core financial management issues and establishing the role of PFM in service delivery.

Implementation of PFM Reforms/Stakeholders Management

We design and set up technology-based Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) which cater the accounting and financial reporting requirements of both the implementing entity and the development partners. We devise assessment frameworks for specific purposes and piloting the same at the desired governance level. The results are helpful in designing interventions based on evidence gathered through the pilot. We research on PFM areas and extract best international practices. We lay down recommendations which are feasible and create linkage with the government’s agenda. Our aim is to bring country’s PFM cycle in line with best international public sector practices.