Hammad Yunus is a qualified chartered accountant with 16 years of professional experience focused on Public Financial Management (PFM). He has been lead PFM consultant for World Bank and Asian Development Bank in Pakistan working at central, provincial & district government levels. The areas of expertise include:

• Change Management Programs
• Design & Implementation of PFM Reforms
• Organizational Transformation
• PFM: Rapid Response & Emergency Situation
• Stakeholder Management
• PEFA & PFM Assessments
• Functional Design Development
• Fiduciary Risk Safeguard Advisory
• Project Management
• PFM Best Practises & Compliance

Significant experience covers reengineer the auditing methodology in Supreme Audit Institution (SAI), development of policy recommendations to central government for PFM reforms, project manager for design and implementation of integrated Financial Management Information System at public sector entities, and Public Expenditure & Financial Accountability (PEFA). A focused Project Manager with the ability to achieve desired results with time and resource constraints. Successfully completed projects like designing and implementation of Financial Management Information System (FMIS) using leadership skills & technical knowledge.

I have developed skills in managing people, motivating the team when chips are down, keeping the team players afloat by successfully managing conflicts, and above all to keep them focused on the project goals. Having a structured approach to bring changes in individuals, teams and organization to enable the transition from current state to future state. I worked as a change leader in a world bank funded project to re-engineer the auditing process at the Supreme Audit Institution of the country, Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan (OAGP). It not only involved the change in audit procedures but also the very way the public audit is carried out, the change in the mindset of people and the perception of the public audit.

As a change leader, I had to work with wide range of people, exhibit my problem-solving skills, handle the resistance to change and to demonstrate effective communication skills to successfully complete and make the management absorb if not welcome the change in some cases.