About us

“Incorporated in 2016, by development professionals, having more than two decades of professional experience. We at PFM Solutions help countries fulfil their development goals by providing consultancy and training in public financial management, governance, and all aspects that lead to institutional strengthening.” We bring an agile and resourceful approach to complex development issues. We work across the world to support economic development and progress of our client countries.

What We Do

•    Our team of expert consultants provide analytical and practical expertise.
•    Strive to provide all services required by the public sector under one roof.
•    Our consultant's multi-sectoral knowledge and specialist expertise to deliver sustainable solutions.
•    We design, implement and evaluate financial management in climate change and disaster management.
•    An extensive network of remarkable consultants with their diverse expertise handle all projects with the utmost professionalism.
•    Providing training workshops.
•    We provide analytical, practical and professional development support in areas that are critical to addressing social and economic       disadvantage.
•    We offer service from research right down to evaluation with efficient use of resources.
•    We consistently recruit and develop the skill set of our staff so that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise,       to every client, anywhere in the world.